I've put some websites together to help members in their pursuit of new clients and more cost effective businesses. 

Take the time to know what is on these websites so you can talk about the benefits of being a member as well as how to take advantage of the Elite Leads website.



Elite Leads Website: 
There are more than 300 pages on the Elite Leads site. About 50% are for members only and you should become familiar with the various areas.
  • Elite Leads

  • Become familiar with the various areas within the Elite Leads site. When you find a broken link or information that you want to add or remove, just let me know. This site will help you promote Elite Leads as it is a wealth of information that is not to be found anywhere else.

  • This website has more than 100 items listed that will save most businesses between $1-- and $500 a month. Take a look at the services and products and let new members know that this is one of their member benefits.

Go to the Elite Leads home page:

Monthly Updates:
The monthly updates will be maintained by ELBD and when you find information that is in need of updates, just let me know.. 

The meetings, newsletter and workshops are updated each month. When you become aware of new events that should be included let me know immediately.

Any time you find corrections to the website, please let me know!

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